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Brigitte Gruson

I've just watched the second DVD I received this morning! It was so nice to see everybody again!
Thanks once more for all you did for us. We had a very pleasant stay and could measure how deeply involved you are in promoting foreign languages.
Best wishes. Brigitte

PS: it's nice to see that the group report is already on line!

Reka Vadasz

I have just received the CD and the DVD. Thanks a lot. I am watching them now and it is great to remember the days we spent in Scotland. Brigitte, could you send me the photo with the haggis, please?

Martine Silhol

I'm glad the final report is on line as it has been difficult for me to reach all the members. I would like to thank you Jean and all your team for the DVD and CD-Roms you sent us. We did have a great time in Scotland.
I have a request to renew : Could I have the e-mail address of the school that was interested in the work experience and exchange with us? Was it Stuart's?
And this is to Reka's attention. Our school would be ready to start an e-mail exchange with your 14 to 15 year old students, if you still agree. Besides, one of my young colleagues also work in two primary schools and would like to have an exchange with you. Could you give me an answer fairly quickly as we're organizing our projects for next year?
Thanks very much


Martine - Pam thinks the school that wanted a link with yours was Cumnock Academy, which you visited to see whiteboards in action. The Principal Teacher of Modern Languages is Andrew MccCelland - he's in the photo above - and his email address is:

[email protected]

Our schools have gone on holiday until about the 16th August. Let me know if you need to contact Andrew urgently before that and we'll try to get hold of him.

Reka Vadasz

Dear Martine,
We are interested in any projects or exchanges. Our students are already on holiday, so we can start only in September.
Do you need any other information?


Colleagues - I plan to take down this blog and the picture album on 22 August. If you want to download and save anything on the blog, please do it soon!

It was a pleasure to work with you this year. Remember you can always contact me at:

[email protected]



Hello To Sweden and LTI!!!

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