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Stuart J Wilson

As Chairman of East Ayrshire International Group, I look forward enthusiastically to meeting and working with all our new friends who will be participating in this Arion course. I'm certain you will all have a busy, stimulating and informative time with us and we will all learn a lot from each other and from our various experiences in the teaching profession.

Best Wishes to Everybody Involved.

Pam Kavanagh

I look forward very much to meeting you all and as a consultant on the International Group I shall be spending a lot of time with you. It will be a full and extremely informative week from which we shall all benefit.

Martine Silhol

The program sounds very good to me.
I would be very happy and grateful if you booked a room at the PARK HOTEL for me; I will let you know how many nights I'll be spending there, according to the day of my arrival in Glasgow- I'll book the flight next week, and will let you know as soon as possible.Thank you very much for all your work. I'm looking forward to meeting you and visit Killmarnock.

Etienne MICHA

This programme looks perfect to me : thank you all.
See you all soon,


Brigitte Gruson

The programme also looks very attractive to me.
I'd be very grateful if you could book me a room at the Park Hotel and if someone could pick me up at the airport.
I'll be arriving on Sunday 21st at 13.25 at Glasgow International (I'll be flying an Air France Flight (AF 8384) operated by KLM). I've booked a return flight for Sunday 28th at 14.05 from the same airport. It was much cheaper with a saturday-sunday night included... So I'll have some more time to visit the area!
As agreed with Martine, I'll make a presentation of language teaching in primary education in FRance. I suppose it'll be possible to have a computer and a videoprojector to make that presentation using an USB key?
Looking forward meeting you all.


Hello, Brigitte - good to hear from you. We'll book your room for those dates and you'll be picked up at the airport. We'll send out more information closer to the date.

Of course, we'll have a computer and data-projector for you to use - just bring your pen-drive with you! See you soon!

Etienne MICHA

Hello Jean,

I have prepared a short presentation about Belgian teaching organisation(Microsoft Powerpoint). I guess I can use it if I only bring a USB key ? Otherwise, I can make paper copies. What do you think?
See you soon,

Etienne Micha


Yes, Etienne - with a pen-drive, it should be quite simple. I will ask one of our technicians to be at the meeting on the first morning in case we have problems.

If you would like to, you could email your presentation to me and I'll put it onto my laptop - we can also make paper copies of your notes for people to take away.


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