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Martine Silhol

Your project sounds very good. We will certainly enjoy visiting places of interests as well as schools.
One question perhaps : what transport facilities are there from Glasgow airport to Kilmarnock?
Thanks for your help.

Jean Nisbet

Martine - it is possible to take the bus and train but if you tell us your flight number and the date and time of your arrival, we'll arrange to collect you.

Remember to tell if you are arriving at Glasgow International or Glasgow Prestwick.

Josep Bofill

I think the visit will be very good. Amazing places, interesting projects and wonderful people.
I will arrive to airport of Prestwick on Sunday 21th at 19.45 h., I thik. I will confirm this later.
Thanks for all.


Thanks, Josep - good to hear from you! Let us know if there's anything you particularly want to see in Scotland. We have - of course - arranged for you to see men in kilts and to hear the bagpipes! What else would you like?

Harald Niden

Dear Ms Nisbet,

your ideas concerning the programme of our stay sound
really good to me.I'm look-
ing forward to meeting you
and the other colleagues. I
think we'll spend a highly
interesting and informative
week in Scotland.
Thanks a lot.
Yours kindly

N.B.: As soon as I'll have all the details about my flight to Glasgow (in the evening of the 21st) at my disposal,I'll let you know.


Harald - we'll make sure someone is there to meet you - just give us your flight number! Jean

Pam Kavanagh

It is very interesting to read all your comments and it is undoubtedly going to be a most informative week for all involved. It is excellent to exchange ideas, in this way, before the visit begins.

Luisa Cillero

All the programme seems really interesting. Never mind if it will be a busy week... I'm sure we'll all enjoy it. I'm so pleased to learn about new ways and experiences in language teaching and the use of ITC. I look forward to meet you all and the Arion colleagues in May.
Best wishes.


HI, Luisa! Welcome to the blog - we look forward to meeting you in May but let us know if there's anything you really want to see and do during your visit to Scotland.

Reka Vadasz


The programme sounds very good to me. I am looking forward to meeting you all in May. Do I have to send a written confirmation (by post) that I am going to participate at the visit?
As soon as I have the plane ticket reservation I will let you know.
Reka Vadasz


Hello, Reka - welcome to the blog! You don't have to confirm anything in writing but you need to tell us (1) when you are arriving so we can arrange to meet you at the airport and (2) if you would like a room at the Park Hotel - you can see it here:

We hope by the 22nd May that the weather will have improved. It's very cold here: 4 degrees today, but with the wind chill more like -4!

Reka Vadasz

I would like a room in Park Hotel for 7 nights, starting with Saturday, 20 May, till Friday, 26 May.
As soon as I make the plane tickets reservation I let you know when I am arriving and leaving.


Thanks, Reka - we'll book your room and have someone to meet you at the airport.

Luisa Cillero

I will arrive on Sunday 21st at 20.20 (Glasgow International Airport) and I'll leave on Saturday 27th at 14.00(Glasgow Prestwick). Could you book a room for me at Park Hotel from Sunday evening to Saturday morning? Thanks and congratulations for your programme. I think it sounds really interesting and I´m sure we're going to learn and share a lot. See you.


Luisa - your room is booked and we will be there to meet you - and will arrange for you to get back to the airport when you go home. We look forward to meeting you. Jean

Reka Vadasz

I have bought the plane tickets. I arrive on Saturday, 20 May, at 21:40 Glasgow International (flight BA 1496) and I am leaving on Saturday, 27 May, at 14:25 from Glasgow International, (flight BA 1487). Could somebody wait for me? I hope it is not too late. I could not find an earlier flight from London which connects my flight from Bucharest.


Hello, Reka - yes, someone will be there to meet you and to take you back to Glasgow. We will be in touch very soon with information on where to meet at the airport.


I have followed all things that you said. Thanks.

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